Thomas Tells a Story is a minimalist, long-form storytelling podcast.

There is no music, and there are no sound effects. Instead, the show invites you to engage more fully in the 'shared hallucination' of the words.

Season 2 is a claustrophobic fantasy about five adventurers seeking out a previously undiscovered holy site belonging to the lost gods of their world. Abandoned for centuries, they find it a haunted place. Their noble mission fast dissolving into a desperate game of survival, they search for answers in a mystic vale, removed from civilization by miles of icy tundra.

Season 1 tells the story of Elandra Ramirez, a young First Arcanist of the United Star Systems Alliance. Sent across the galaxy to learn the truth about a household android that has purportedly begun practicing magic, she soon finds herself ensnared in a cultural and political upheaval that stretches to the furthest reaches of colonized space.

"There's a state of mind that you enter when you're listening to a story; it's a state of passive acceptance, where you sit there and you get to make your own exciting movie. You get to watch it be built for you in front of you."

The current story is called The Oa Oliger.


Thomas Tells a Story is written and created by Thomas Constantine Moore.

The Oa Oliger features the following voice talents:


Harron Atkins


Molly Griggs


Jeffrey Omura


Alexis Floyd

The Cartographer

Heath Saunders

Our theme music is by Joe Mendick. You can listen to his solo work on his Soundcloud.

Season 1 was recorded live with a small 'studio audience' in Thomas's Brooklyn apartment, produced by Jaanelle Yee and Toro Adeyemi, and edited by Max Bernstein.

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